How to play roulette: Rules for beginners

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When you decide to play roulette, you opt to play one of the most exciting and popular forms of gambling. Even millions of people opt to play the game with a motive to win online roulette every time, yet they rarely understand the mathematics behind the same. The sheer truth is that, like other gambling games, roulette is a game of chance. Most of the gamblers have theories about the wheels being rigged, yet the same is hardly true.

One of the major reasons why people lose is that they play to win roulette instead of understanding the techniques and strategies to guarantee a good return.


Thus, before you decide to play casino roulette and win, you can attain an inherent house edge that can be bigger than that of the blackjack. Thus, the roulette starts with the players making a bet, and the dealer throws the balls into the spinning wheel. Players can make bets during the process, and when the ball starts rolling, the dealer announces no bets. Once this happens, the players cannot make bets.

As a result, when the ball lands on a number, you make money on roulette online, especially if the same is hit. If winners bet on the number, color, and section, they may get awarded on the same basis.


The Basics of Roulette Rules

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When you walk into any casino or play casino online, You’ll Recognize Roulette Tables Instantly. There’s a wheel that has slots for numbers 1 to 36 as well as one or two slots for zeros. The Number slots are either red or black, and zero slots are green. Players stand around a table where the roulette wheel is laid out, and this is where the bet is placed.

Players can place bets until the dealer closes the betting session. Once all bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel and throws a small, marble-sized ball at it that spins in the opposite direction. The ball will eventually fall into one of the marked slots, which determines which bets receive the payout.

If you place a bet according to the color or number of the slot, you will receive a payout. Plus, check out special bet promotions that can increase your winnings.


How do I play roulette casino online and win every time?


Roulette is a well-defined game with a clear casino advantage, and thus you need to identify the strategies to win roulette in a casino.

If you believe that playing in a casino is intimidating, you need to learn the basics and play roulette. Although the rules of the game are simple, you can easily win big even if you are playing the same for the first time. You can read this guide on how to play roulette for beginners and then join the gameplay.

There are feature slots for numbers between 1-36 in a casino and one or two slots for zeros. The number slots are either green or black, while the zero slots are green.

Players can play casino roulette and win big if they place the right bets. Thus, it is possible till the dealer closes the betting session. Once all such bets are placed, the dealer can spin the wheel and throw the marble ball to signify the gameplay. You win on PLAYING ROULETTE if the ball lands on your selected slots. As a result, you receive a payout.


You can choose to play and win online casino roulette and gain special discounts and promotions to boost your winnings.


How to play on roulette machines?

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Here is a simple guide to playing roulette for beginners. It increases the chances of winning roulette and getting better odds.

When you decide to identify and assess how to play online roulette and win, you need to have a lot of patience and dedication. If you wish to win the game, you need to work to maximize your chances to meet and increase the outcomes to focus on the right things.

Again roulette is a gambling game that depends on luck. The house advantage varies depending on the type of roulette variant you play, yet it is never equal to zero. It means that you can base the game on tried and tested methodologies and strategies to attain the optimal results. As a result, you try to avoid using the wrong strategies and tactics to win online casino roulette. These help you to understand the odds and then work on selecting the best ones that make sense.

The key to success and prosperity is to improve your chances of winning the game. The strategy can include alternatives to get the best results for your needs by choosing alternatives before and while you play


How easy is it to play in a roulette machine and win in PLAYING ROULETTE?

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There are various types of bets while PLAYING ROULETTE. There are two major groups you need to be aware of, and these determine the roulette payouts and returns.

The primary group is known as the inside bet, while the second is called an outside bet. The roulette terms for the bets are essential for the players to understand before playing and winning a roulette game.


How to play roulette for beginners using bets?

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Inside and outside are two areas of the roulette board that you have to learn. Hence you need to read and understand this comprehensive guide about playing roulette for beginners to attain the best results. Bets placed on the numbers are inside, and the ones placed on other sections are outside.


 What is an “inside” bet?

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Here are a few ways to choose tested inside bets to play on roulette machine :


  • A straight bet is made from a single number and is an essential part of the training on how to win online casino roulette. You need to place the chip directly on a number to make this bet.


  • A split bet covers two adjacent numbers, and to make this bet, you must place the chip on a shared edge.


  • A street bet is the one that is used to choose a line to play on a roulette machine. It covers three numbers on the vertical line. It means that you need to place the chip on the exterior edge of the selected row.


  • A corner or a square bet covers four numbers using an adjacent square, and you need to place the chip on a common corner. This sequence varies entirely online, and you need to learn about the right way to play online roulette and win.


  • A double street or a six-line is used to cover two adjacent vertical lines. You must place the chip on the shared corner of the first numbers in each line to make this bet. Thus, it is important to understand how to make money on roulette online to maximize your returns.


  • A trio is a special aspect of playing roulette and is a special three-number bet with a zero and two adjacent numbers. To make this, you need to place your chip where three number squares meet.


  • A special case has two additional inside bets that are available solely for certain variations. The first four bets cover 0-1-2-3 and are available on European roulette. Another variation is called a basket bet that covers 00-0-1-2-3, which is available for American roulette.


What is an “outside proposition” bet?

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Outside bets


Here are a few ways to choose outside bets to play on roulette machine :

  • A low or high bet can be placed on numbers 1-18 called low and 19-36 called a high bet. If the ball lands on any chosen number, then you win.
  • In the case of a red and black bet, a bet is placed on either red or green numbers. If you wish to play roulette and win, this can be a good idea as it increases your chances of winning.
  • You need to wager on either even or odd numbers for an even or odd bet except for zero.
  • Another idea to win a roulette game is to bet on either first, second, or third squares of the numbers.
  • A great strategy to win online roulette every time is to have a column bet that consists of three number columns. You win the moment the same hits any number.


Are online roulette Casinos safe?

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Contrary to popular belief, online casinos are one of the safest places to play roulette for beginners. Although many people complain that the site is rigged, you can reduce the problem if you select the right service provider.

If your casino uses legit software like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, etc., it is safe to play online roulette and win on the site. These certified software works on Random Number Generators or RNG to spit out millions of numbers per second. If you effectively learn how to win online casino roulette, you can bet larger values, but if you are a beginner, we recommend using smaller stakes

to determine the quality of the gameplay offered by your service provider. Each number is associated with a specific game outcome, and the same can be a specific number.


As a result, the moment you click on spin, the program selects one of the random numbers. Again businesses do not control this RNG software, and third parties develop these. It is best to understand how to play online roulette and win before you decide to stake all your money in one place.

Another significant aspect that ensures that you can make money on roulette online is if your site carries a valid gambling license. The same must be from a recognized agency. Thus, if your selected service provider is licensed from a recognized third-party testing company or the national government, you can safely invest your money in these.


It is often safe to learn to play and identify strategies on how to make money on roulette online instead of offline channels. These games are more likely to be rigged than electronic variants, and many users complain that their selected offline gambling site had :

A break under the table to stop the wheels

Spinning wheels at variable speeds to favor certain numbers

Flicking the ball or using a similar strategy to rig the outcomes


If you are interested to learn more about how to make money on roulette online, you need to understand that the roulette outcomes are fixed using a mathematical advantage. Thus, you can win more money in the long run, especially when certain that the dealer is not rigged.


Are there any roulette casino sites scams to watch out for?

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Several scams can occur on illegitimate casino sites, and you need to be extremely careful about when you decide to play roulette online.

  • A majority of the casino welcome bonuses entice the players to sign up by offering free slots. Again such bonuses are not intended for roulette players. It is because roulette is seen as an easy way to complete the rollover requirements and hence is not eligible.


  • If you do get a free bonus, it may be a great way to win online casino roulette, but you won’t get cash rewards as these are always linked to a wagering requirement. Casinos will lock your account until all terms and conditions have been met. Thus, if you wish to play roulette merely, avoid such discounts to lure you. Thus, you can avoid several scams as well.


  • At a majority of the leading online casinos, you can withdraw your funds at the same time. Some of the scammers can have a long processing time and wait period. In certain cases, the time may extend to beyond a week without giving a valid reason for the purpose. Scammers use this to lure you out of PLAYING ROULETTE. You may lose patience and cancel the entire withdrawal process.


  • Unless your selected organization uses valid software to play the game, the chances are that the same is rigged. As a result, it is best to avoid these casinos as you will not make money on roulette online.  The same applies to choosing to play on roulette machines.


  • It is not possible to win a roulette game without adequate planning and strategy. A majority of the sites will fail if they offer huge cash. Thus, it is best to select and identify the adequate system to attain the best results.


  • Since there are numerous roulette systems, these may carry fake testimonials. It is best to opt for a reliable comparison site to ensure that you indeed select the best site and attain the optimal results.


  • If your selected service provider ensures that you will win online casino roulette for sure, then it is a scam. Such systems work well for the free spins, and the moment you start using your actual money, you lose.


What are the best tips to play roulette for beginners?

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Even though each player has their luck and personal preference, here are some popular approaches you can use to get the best results.

Here are some of the best tips to play roulette for beginners :

Remember that a good strategy can help you place a winning bet, yet these strategies cannot guarantee a particular outcome.

You may get mixed results if you are playing roulette using hot numbers, i.e., the recent winning numbers.

When you play American roulette, then the house edge is 5.3 percent.

When you play the European version, the same drops to a mere 2.7 percent.

If you wish to spend more time at the table, understand that the inside is volatile and have a lower playoff.

Thus, if you wish to win a roulette game, place the bets on an outer bet.

Take the help of experts and comparison sites to ensure that you invest your money with the right site.

If you are playing offline, pay attention to the minimum bets. If you are on a budget, you need to choose the ones with lower minimum bets.

It is best to play roulette for fun and excitement. Running after money will spoil the same.


What is the difference between the arrangement of numbers on the wheel and the betting layout?

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When you decide to play roulette for beginners, you notice that the dealer will follow a specific pattern. He either toses in a specific way which is known as his signature move.

As a result, your dealer may have a specific pattern. When they spin one black number, then the probability of hitting another black is high. As a result, while playing roulette, you can follow the pattern to your benefit. However, following the wheel is not recommended frequently as there may be variations in how the ball is launched.


On the other hand, betting against the wheel means that the dealer’s signature has a huge variation, and thus they toss the ball randomly, and the detected patterns last for a small time. Therefore, if the dealer has been random in his tosses yet has spun a four high number, it is best to choose a low one.


Why is the five-number bet also called “the beast”?

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The five-number bet on the roulette table is called the monster or the beast. The roulette wheel itself is called Devil’s wheel as the numbers add up to 666, which is called the number of the beast as per the Bible.

However, the five-number bet is only found on American versions as it incorporates 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.

A winning wager is paid at 6-1, and the house edge is at a whopping 7.89 percent. Hence, if you wish to bet on these numbers, you can place a chip on each to bring the edge down to 5.26 percent.


What is the house edge on roulette?

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A house edge is a term that describes the mathematical advantage that a gambling venue gets on each gameplay. It means that your selected venue gets a certain amount to attain an assured value for their efforts. It also implies the average gross profit that your casino expects to make from each game. Thus, the longer you play, the greater the odds that the gameplay results will match with the house edge. Like craps, roulette has multiple bets, and the range of these varies. The American double-zero roulette has a house edge of 2.63-7.89 percent. Similarly, the European version has a value of 1.35-2.70. Moreover, the American version has 38 numbers, and the payments for the winning edge vary from 35-1.

On the other hand, the player’s edge is the expected returns divided b

y the initial bets. Thus, you can earn $10 on betting $11.

As casinos cannot profit on a fair game, they charge a certain payback value that goes beyond the standard calculations of probability.

Certain players prefer to play roulette on European ones instead of the American variants. The odds are 35-1.

Translated into money, what does a 2.70% and a 5.26% house edge mean?


As stated above, the roulette house edge for the American double-zero system is higher and can go up to 5.26 percent. Thus, the same becomes somewhat difficult to beat for an aggressive bettor, even in the case of a short run. At the same time, the game is paced leisurely, which means that one doesn’t have to make a host of decisions in a given hour. It is undoubtedly a positive edge for the player. Even though the edges are high yet the opportunity is also high to wipe off. Even if you are a seasoned gambler, such roulette can be a tough game for you.


When you translate these terms into bets, you understand that the 5.26% house edge means that for $100, you lose $5.26.


American bets

Bet wheel House edge percentage value Loss per $100
5 number bet / American  7.89  7.89$
All bets American 5.26 5.26$


European bets

Bet wheel House edge percentage value Loss per $100
Even bets with en prison / European 1.35 1.35$
All bets European 2.70 2.70$



It is important to understand that if you even play casino roulette and win, you will merely earn money. The edge for the same is entirely different as an American wheel will give you 20-18 while you get 19-18 on a European one.

Some casinos even allow players who bet outside the even money one, i.e., red-black, odd-even, etc., an added benefit. As a result, if they hit a zero, the bet loses only half of the money.

It is also important to remember that a house edge gives you average results in the long run, and you will be likely to lose money.


What happens when a casino allows surrender?

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For quite some time now, casinos in the USA have offered an option to surrender on the even bets. Thus, instead of facing a house edge of a whopping 5.26%, you now merely need to pay a mere 2.63% edge. It reduces the casinos hit on the bankroll. As a result, it reduces the losses to half.


What happens when the casino allows in prison?

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On the European wheel, a casino that offers surrender reduces the edge to 1.35 percent. It makes it one of the best wagers in the house. This case of a casino that hits 0 on the European single-zero wheel is called en-prison. As a result, the even-money bet is locked up, and there is no win or lose. For instance – you bet a black, and the same hits zero, and the bet stays on the table for the next round. If the next time black hits, then you get the same back; else, you lose. If the bet hits a zero again, then your bet stays in prison.


On even-money bets, what is the likelihood of your proposition hitting on the American wheel?   

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Roulette can drain your wallet, especially because the same doesn’t pay what the bets are truly worth. With odds at the American table of 38 numbers, the probability of hitting a single number reduces. Thus, experts opt for a combination bet to attain an edge.

As stated before, the house edge on playing roulette on the American wheel is 5.26 percent. Therefore, having a good grasp of the odds is important to win. Hence for an even money bet like red and black, the odds turn to 46.37 percent for winning, and on European ones, it is raised to 48.6 percent.

Theoretically, both have a chance of winning 50 percent, while in reality, the European ones have solid favors.


On even-money bets, what is the likelihood of your proposition hitting on the European wheel?

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It is best to stay safe and play in the outside bets. The good idea is to try a combination bet. Since the probability of winning is high, the value for these rollers is also high at $25. Due to a lack of 00, the European version is better to play big bets.

By choosing the even money bets, you can beat the odds and reduce your chances of loss. If the ball lands on zero, you neither win nor lose. The ball remains imprisoned till the next round.

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