How to Make Money on Roulette Online?

How to make money on roulette online
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Roulette is a very well-structured game with a clear casino advantage. So, you need to be well-versed with the various strategies to make big bucks playing online roulette. You need to learn the basics of the game to get started playing in a casino. Even though the rules are pretty simple and easy to understand, you need to practice a lot before you lay hands on big money. Read through this guide to learn the roulette basics and get the answers to how to make money on roulette online.


Roulette Basics

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Roulette starts with players making their individual bets and then the dealer throwing the balls into the spinning wheel. Players can place their bets during the process, and the dealer announces no bets when the ball starts to roll. When the ball hits the number you placed your bet on, you get a payout. You also have the option of betting on colors and sections apart from numbers.

There are feature slots having numbers from 1 to 36 with one or two slots for zeros. Typically the number slots are black or green, and the zero slots are green.


How Can You Play Roulette Using Bets?


Inside bets and outside bets are two key things you need to learn about the roulette game. When you place bets on the numbers, that’s called an inside bet, while the ones placed on all the other sections fall under outside bets.

Let’s discuss more so that you have a clear idea of how to make money on roulette online.


➢     Choosing Your Inside Bet


  • You can make a straight bet from a single number, and it is a crucial thing to know about roulette bets. To place this bet, you will have to place the chip directly on the number you choose.
  • You make a split bet when you place your chip on a shared edge between two adjacent numbers. That way, you bet on both the numbers.
  • A street bet is when you choose a line to play on the roulette machine. The bet covers 3 numbers on the vertical line. So, you will have to place your chip on the exterior edge of the chosen row.
  • Using an adjacent square, a square or corner bet covers 4 numbers. So, you will have to place your chip in a common corner. When you play online, the sequence is totally different, and you need to learn the proper ways to place this bet.
  • Placing a six-line or double street bet, you can cover 2 adjacent vertical lines. You will have to put your chip on the shared corner of the first numbers of each line to place this bet.
  • A trio is a special 3-number bet featuring a zero and two adjacent numbers. You need to place the chip where 3 number squares meet to make a trio bet.
  • There’s a special case that involves 2 additional inside bets, available only for specific variations. The first 4 bets cover 0-1-2-3, which you get in European roulette. The basket bet covering 00-0-1-2-3 is available for the American version of roulette.

➢     Choosing Your Outside Proposition Bet

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Knowing how to place outside bets is critical to crack how to make money on roulette online. Here are some tips for placing outside bets.

  • You can place a low or high bet on numbers. Numbers 1 to 18 make for low bets, while high bets can be placed on 19 to 36. The ball landing on your chosen number earns you money.
  • In a red and black bet, you can either place your bet on red numbers or green numbers.
  • You need to bet on either odd or even numbers for an odd or even bet, respectively, except for zero.
  • A trick to increase your winning chances in roulette is to place your bets on either 1st, 2nd or 3rd squares of the numbers.
  • Another strategy you can use is placing a column bet that covers 3 number columns.


➢     Why is the 5-number Bet Known As “the Beast?”

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The roulette wheel is referred to as “the Devil’s wheel” because the numbers add up to 666, the number of the beast according to the Bible. The 5-number bet earned its name as “the beast” or “the monster” from there. However, you will only find the 5-number bet on American roulette as it includes 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

A winning bet is paid at 6-1, while the house edge is typically 7.89%. So, if you want to place a wager on these numbers, you can put your chip on each of them to cut down the edge to 5.26%.


Tips to Play Roulette

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Although you may be lucky winning back to back online roulette games, you should be aware of some popular to know in-depth how to make money on roulette online. Here they are:

  • A tactful roulette strategy can help you win a bet, but it cannot guarantee a specific outcome.
  • You may receive mixed results while playing roulette using the recent winning numbers or the so-called “hot numbers.”
  • If you want to spend more time playing roulette, you should know that the inside bets are volatile and give out lower payoffs.
  • Your winning chances are better when you place outside bets.
  • Research online which online sites are credible, take the help of casino experts and comparison sites so that you can place your money on the right casino.
  • Finally, it’s best if you play roulette just as a fun game instead of seeing it as a source of income.


Closing Thoughts

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The adobe tips and tricks make for only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mastering the game of roulette. There are numerous ways to win an online roulette game, and you will catch up with those when you continuously practice the game and try to understand it to its core. So, practice, patience and consistency are the answers to earning money playing online roulette.

If you want more information on how to make money on roulette online, you can visit the website of Goabet, who provides detailed guides to playing roulette and several other popular casino games.

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